Statement of Purpose Ages 6-11

The Imel Group Golf Academy, using Operation 36, is dedicated to offering an environment in which juniors will best learn about all aspects of golf. The academy is also committed to developing character building skills such as teamwork, honesty, integrity, and respect. The basic beginning elements that are proven to be key to junior involvement are that it needs to be social and fun. This will help the junior fall in love with the game. The structure needs to keep their attention by progressing at a pace conducive to junior learning. No one activity will last longer that 7-10 minutes before switching or reviewing a previous activity or fundamental. Each activity is dedicated to developing the necessary golf skill needed to become a lifetime golfer. The skills will build upon already learned motions from other activities. The student desire and work ethic will determine what level the golfer will reach. The academy will present the framework for achievement.

Golf is more than having a perfect swing. Too many people get lost in this concept. Perfect is “Utopia” and it does not exist. A great swing will make golf easier, but learning to play is what it is all about and this is a process and journey. Each student achieves at different levels and timelines. Encouragement and enthusiasm balanced with demonstrated achievement are the cornerstones of junior teaching in the Imel Group Golf Academy.