Statement of Purpose Ages 12-18

The Imel Group Golf Academy, using Operation 36, is dedicated to offering an environment in which juniors will best learn about all aspects of golf. The academy is also committed to developing character building skills such as teamwork, honesty, integrity, and respect. This age group is where juniors can and will start to specialize in the game of golf. Golf is way more than learning a perfect swing. The perfect swing does not exist. Each golfer is different in ways too numerous to list. Learning to play the game consists of knowledge about many aspects of the game. These include technique, long swing and short swing, putting, fitness, mental, statistical probability, and rules. The end goal is to be able to take acquired skills and transfer them to the golf course. The skills are developed through block and random practice during academy training sessions. Random training sessions can best be described as what “scrimmages” are to other sports such as football, basketball, soccer, or baseball.

Why enroll your child? If you are planning to have your child excel in golf, it will take way more than learning a perfect swing. This swing does not exist. The student needs to have good swing fundamentals and learn to play golf. The academy instills these fundamentals. The parts of golf that not many students/parents will give the necessary attention are mental, rules, work ethic, and short game. (pitching, chipping and putting) The short game fundamentals need to be taught and then tested in fun, social environments. Group settings with a definite structure are great learning environments, this is a proven fact. Operation 36 and Imel Group Golf Academy offer a proven structure/road map to allow your child to become a skilled golfer. As a coach, I know that had I committed to a structured program like this, as a young golfer, my golf game would have had more consistency, focus and a better overall understanding of how to play the game. The problem was that they did not exist and if you did take a lesson, the long game was the only topic of discussion.

Bruce Imel