Questions and Answers

Joe Purchases the Single Players Cart Pass $300, what will he pay when he plays 9 holes or 18 holes?
Joe will pay $14 green fee 9 holes or $20 green for 18 holes, this will include the cart. He can an extra $10 and play all day.

Joe wants to add his wife so she can play golf with him, what will she pay?
Joe will purchase the Add A Spouse Players Cart Pass $100, his wife will pay $14 green fee for 9 holes and $20 green fee for 18 holes, this will include the cart. Joe’s wife can pay $10 extra and play all day.

Bob wants to pay one sum of money and play golf only Monday thru Friday, what will Bob pay?
Bob will purchase the Single Players Cart Pass and the M-F Green Fee Membership. This will cost Bob at total of $1,250.  This will allow Bob to play golf anytime during the week with a cart.
Bob can still play on the weekends, the cost will be $14 for 9 holes, or $20 for 18 holes, does not include golf outings. Bob can add his spouse for $200 for weekday play and she can play golf and ride cart with Bob.

Betty wants to play unlimited golf with golf cart, what will she pay?
Betty will buy the Single Cart Pass and the Unlimited Green Fee Membership $ 1,500. She can add her spouse for the same privileges for $300.

Fred joins as a Business Group Member, he want to add his children. What will the cost be?
Fred has a couple of choices, he can pay $300 for up to 3 kids or if he only has 1 child, he can pay for a Junior Green Fee Membership for 1 child ($245). The children will have to pay for riding the cart either each time (see rates) or Fred can pay $200 for his children 16 and under to ride a cart while playing golf.

Fred, as a Business Group Member, wants to bring a couple of friends to play golf, what will the cost be?
If they are playing before 10AM weekday, the cost will be $28 for 18 holes. If they are playing after 10am any day, the cost will be based upon the “Bring a Guest” rate. $15 for 9 holes or $30 for 18 holes.

Fred wants to add his spouse to his Business Group Membership, what will the cost be?
Fred will pay $400, includes cart.

Mark wants to buy the League Players Card and wants to know how it works.
The League Players Card works only if you are a player in one of the Timber Ridge’s Leagues. The card allows for 36 holes of golf to be played, (2) 18’s or (4) 9’s. The card is good for plays M-F and does not carryover plays from previous weeks if they are not used. The choices of leagues are Daily Grind, Ladies Scramble, “The Cup,” and Senior Scramble.

Tony want to know how many times he needs to play to make the Single Players Cart pay for itself?

If Tony normally plays on weekday mornings, Tony will need to play 18 holes 37 times. If Tony normally plays in the evenings, Tony will need to play 18 holes 16 times. Keep in mind with the card, a golfer can play any time of day for the reduced rate.

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