Daily Groups Playing At Timber Ridge

Monday Night Men’s Group

Starts Monday, April 22 at 4:30 PM, call by 4:15 if you would like to play.Teams will be made up each with a team Nassau Game and Team Skins Pot

​Saturday Night Couples Nights (More Info)

May 18th, June 1st, 15th, and 29th , July 13th and 29th, August 10th and 17th and Sept 7th.


Under The Tree Gang

This is a daily group of seniors that meet and choose up teams. Anyone is welcome. This group plays a point system and your points are determined by your ability. Group plays at 9:30 Monday through Friday.


The Daily Grind (More Info)

Daily Best Ball

This is a daily group that plays golf in an ABCD format. The ABCD players are determined by handicap. The game is a team Nassau with skin pot. This is best game in the area. Ask anyone that has played in the “Game.” Group plays at 1pm on Monday through Friday and 10AM on Saturday and Sunday. Call 15 minutes prior to starting time to put your name on the list.

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