Golf is continuing to go through a major change. No one is sure what the final product will look like, but Timber Ridge is determined to be a viable option for many years to come. The National Golf Course Owners Association estimates that as high as 93% of golf courses lose money each year. This is an accurate statistic as you look at the number of golf courses that continue to close in the area. The major obstacles that golf continues to face are that patrons state that golf takes too long and golf is not fun. This is according to many studies done by the PGA. The new “Rules of Golf” for 2019 are an example of the changes that golf are experiencing. Top Golf is a massive hit with the public. Top Golf has combined gamification along with the social aspects that golf has always possessed.

In 2019 Timber Ridge will implement the following changes:

1. Timber Ridge will begin a rerouting of the golf course. We will continue to have 18 holes, but the foot print of the golf course will be smaller to accomplish 2 things. The first will be to make the golf course more fun and second to reduce maintenance costs of operating the golf course. Holes 4 and 5 will no longer be played in the current routing. The new routing will be published very soon.

2. In order to gamify the golf course, certain golf holes will offer cash and other prizes for various scores and accomplishments that are made on the selected holes. Examples would be cash prizes for a hole in one on a selected hole or an eagle made on a selected hole. Long drive and closest to the pin will offer rewards as well.

3. The range will also be gamified. If a hole in one is made to a specified hole with a certain ball that is in the range ball bag, a cash prize will be paid. Our goal is to light the range this year.

4. Timber Ridge will offer Friday Night Lights Shoot-Outs. The 18th hole will be lit and participants will be able to compete for cash and prizes for making a hole in one and “closest to the pin” for the night.

5. Timber Ridge will also institute new tee rules for 2019. The tee colors will be: Green, Gold, White and Blue. Anyone under 55 will play Blue, 55 to 65 (White), 66 to 70 (Gold) and over 70 (Green). Ladies can abide by the same rules, however it is suggested that they either play the gold or green tees.

6. Timber Ridge Golf Association. To be eligible for the “Association” you must possess the Timber Ridge Golf Association Card. The card will operate much like a rewards program in that you continue to earn points throughout the season as you play. A separate sheet is including detailing the Timber Ridge Golf Association. The Timber Ridge Golf Association will have gross and net winners.

7. We will have a new area for golfers to gather after the round, The Pub @ 250. This will be the old Pro Shop area. Stay tuned for more details.

8. Pro Shop will be beside the The Pub @ 250.

9. Jim Reinking and Bruce Imel, along with a reorganized crew, will be assuming outdoor maintenance duties.


The following groups can earn points for the Timber Ridge Golf Association rewards program:
• Daily Grind League
• Sunday Noon Group
• Monday/Wednesday Evening
• Under The Tree Tuesday and Thursday
• 1pm Best Ball Monday thru Friday
• Tuesday/Thursday Ladies Am or Pm
• Saturday Couples

The following lesson options are available via Imel Group Golf Academy:
260-824-4465 or bruce@imelgroupgolfacademy

• Operation 36 Long Term Development (Adult and Junior)
• PGA “Get Golf Ready” Group Lessons (Beginners/Intermediate)
• PGA “Get Golf Ready” Corporate Team Builder Group Lessons
• Advanced technology individual indoor lessons

Corporate Membership

• A corporate membership is a membership that is paid for by a business, for business purposes and is used for the entertainment of their business associates/clients. It is also used as a perk for their employees. This is the spirit or reason for a corporate membership.

• The corporate membership can only be secured by a business owner or someone in a management position.

• The corporation will receive 4 cards that are labeled in the corporation’s name.

• Every time a person plays with this type of membership, the person playing must possess the card. (No exceptions). You cannot buy a membership and give the card to friend to keep for the season. If the same person shows up every day to play with a card and they are not an employee or owner, it will be perceived that the corporation has just split the cost of the membership with this person. The owner or employee can play every day under the limits of their choice of membership. Owners can bring the same person each time and nothing will be said as long as the owner(s) accompany the guest. Employees are encouraged to bring prospective customers to play golf.

• Any additional plays will be billed at $15 for 9-holes and $30 for 18-holes.

• This membership does not include range privileges. Range privileges can be purchased at an additional $200 per member.

• This membership includes cart.

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