Golf is still continuing to go through a major change. No one is sure what the final product will look like, but Timber
Ridge is determined to be a viable option for many years to come. The National Golf Course Owners Association
estimates that as high as 93% of all golf courses lose money each year. This is an accurate statistic as you look at the
number of golf courses that continue to close in the area. One of the major obstacles that golf continues to face is that
patrons state that golf takes too long and golf is not fun. This is according to many studies done by the PGA. . Your
membership will allow us to serve the community by having an 18-hole golf course in Wells County.

2020 for Timber Ridge.

  1. Timber Ridge will start to initiate a rerouting of the golf course. Changes should be done for the 2021 season.The golf course will play as it lays in 2020. We will continue to have 18 holes, but the footprint of the golf course will be smaller to accomplish 2 things. The first will be to make the golf course more fun and second to reduce maintenance costs of operating the golf course.

  2. The range will continue to be improved. If a hole in one is made to a specified hole with a certain ball that is in the range ball bag, a cash prize will be paid. Our goal is to light the range this year.

  3. Reminder of tee rules for 2020. The tee colors are: Green, Gold, White and Blue. Anyone under 55 will play Blue, 55 to 65 (White), 66 to 70 (Gold) and over 70 (Green). Ladies can abide by the same rules, however it is suggested that they either play the gold or green tees.

  4. We will have a tournament schedule for members. Minimum participation will be required.

  5. Timber Ridge will allow fees to be paid monthly starting Jan 10th, 2020. Please see fee section for more details.

  6. Members can bring a guest at a reduced rate of $14 for 9 and $28 for 18. Not valid for leagues and tournaments.

  7. Business Group Cart includes retirees age 62+


M, T, W, & F

Rate Before Noon

Special Thursday

Rate Before Noon





Spectator Cart

9 Holes






18 Holes






*Excludes Holidays

Range Balls: $6/bag

Handicap Fee: $35 for season

For information on individual & corporate memberships, download our membership packet.