Attention GM Employees

Timber Ridge is pleased to offer GM Employees and Retirees discounted memberships. The cost of an individual green fee only membership for 2017 is $620, in 1996, the cost of the same membership to the then Parlor City Country Club was $625. This did not include a cart. How many service items can you name that have decreased in the last 20Yrs? The 620 includes your handicap fee with Timber Ridge. The $620 membership does not include cart. However, there is a better way becoming a member. It is called the Business Group Membership.

Business Group Membership:
-A business group membership is a membership that consists of individuals all from the same company.
-Each individual pays for his or her respective share of the membership and has a card with their individual name.
-There are 2 classes of membership, 4-person group or 8-person group.
-This membership does not include range privileges. Range privileges can be purchased at an additional $200 per member.
-Business Group card holders can bring a guest for $14 for 9-holes and $28 for 18-holes.
-A spouse can be added to the employee/retiree card for $400.
-A handicap fee will be included with your membership.
-This membership includes cart.
-Only fulltime employees are eligible for this type of membership. Full-time is classified as working 30 or more hours per week for the same employer.
-Retirees of a business that has a Business Group Membership will be allowed a 20% discount from stated membership prices. Retirees are defined as someone working their last 5 years of “full time” employment for the company that participates in the Business Group Membership. Business Group must consist of at least (4) employees/retirees. The group cannot use the retiree payment to amortize down the group’s payment. Each “full time” employee will pay their respective share of total Business Group Membership.
-Employees who are part of a business group, but work less than 30 hours per week, will be allowed the same 20% discount.

Full green fee and cart membership is $1,720, if you are part of a Business Group Membership, your fee for full green fee and cart is as little as $670.

We are working hard to make Timber Ridge a great place to play golf, dine and socialize while at one of our many great events. Please let us know what questions you might have regarding making Timber Ridge your golf home! Timber Ridge members will receive a 5% discount at TW Fable and a 10% discount on in stock merchandise at the Pro Shop.

For more information contact Bruce Imel, 260-824-2728 or 260-824-4465.