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Operation 36 is the absolute best program for golfers of all ages and of all skill levels.  Learning how to take your game to the next level in stages from green to tee is a super way to improve on your skills.  I have been Major's swing coach for many years, but with Bruce's great teaching methods and the Operation 36 program he will be able to learn so much more in a structured environment.  The mobile app does a great job of rewarding hard work with points and it also creates a sense of competition because students can see how others are doing and it motivates them to go out and work hard or harder.  Our son has a goal of playing college golf and he has participated in numerous summer leagues and summer camps, but Operation 36 gives him the tools to hopefully achieve that goal by improving his talents on the course as well as off the course with nutrition and the mental side of the game.  I would recommend this program to anyone!


Jason Spiegel

An Overview of Golf

Golf is a game of thought and skill.  Most golfers will tell you that thought (mental) is the most important aspect of the game, but if you were to review their round, it appears that there was not much thought that was given to each shot.  Many golfers also would tell you that the short game is the most important part of the game.  60% or more of the shots taken by an average golfer are inside 50yds., but very few people spend time practicing their short game.  Most people want to improve their long game because the emotion and gratification of hitting a good long shot is so strong.  It makes them feel good to step to the first tee and knock it right down the middle and it should.  Move forward to a chip or pitch from around the green and the emotions are much different.  If you hit close from a pitch or chip shot around the green, the golfer almost has an innate feeling that this skill is God given.  The fact is that it is not.  The reality is it takes just a much skill to hit a pitch correctly as it does a full shot.   If the golfer masters the pitch, it translates to a better full swing. Most golfers have trouble swinging short without decelerating.

The psychology of playing golf is strange.  You step the first tee and see a pond.  The golfer is way more focused on not hitting the ball in the pond than focusing on his or her technique.  The golfer should focus on their technique and not the pond or woods.  If the player can develop a repeatable technique, results will take care of themselves.  Once we hit our first shot, hope still abides.  Hit the second shot, hope still abides.  Hit a pitch or chip, hope can still abide.  If it takes 3 or 4 putts to get it in the hole from 20 feet.  Hope is crushed, and the finality must be recorded on the card.  The next thing that may happen is the player projects their score to the end and thinks how hard it is going to be to still produce a good score.  This is not a good habit.

When it comes to putting, the reality versus perception is even worse.  Everyone thinks that they should be able to make putts from inside 6 ft with a high degree regularity.  It is the most basic of strokes in the golfer’s mind.  Putting is probably the most frustrating aspect of golf, yet it considered the easiest skill, by most golfers, and is also the least practiced of all the golf skills.  What also is difficult to process is the finality of putting.  Once you hole out, it is over.  The shots prior to putting are hit with the hope that a good score can still be made.  It is demoralizing to play a 350 yd hole and arrive close the green in 2 shots and take 5 more shots to get it in the hole from 50 ft.  Making a putt can also give the golfer an unbelievable boost.  Many times when a golfer is putting well, they almost feel invincible.

To be a good putter, a player needs distance control and direction.  If you hit the putt where you are aiming, this a good first step.  If you hit your putt where you are aiming but miss and the remaining putt is a tap in, you should walk away with positive mindset.  If you hit your putt on the right line but knock it 4 to 8 feet beyond the cup, the mindset should be that of good direction but poor distance.  A golf needs to work on technique and feel.  The results will take care of themselves.

Coach Bruce Imel

Head Professional, Timber Ridge golf Course

Imel Group Golf Academy


This program is designed to create golfers who play golf either recreationally or competitively for a lifetime. Golf is a sport with numerous benefits. The academy will utilize a teaching, playing and coaching philosophy while using the Operation 36 programming. Operation 36 is offered through professionals around the world. I am proud to be one of 3 certified coaches and facilities in Indiana.

The academy will be offer offered to juniors, ladies and men on different days of the week. There are 4 different packages that a golfer can sign up for, academy, players, mini tour and tour packages. The program has 6 levels of curriculum, each level has 12 subjects that will be covered. A student needs to demonstrate mastery over the subject matter to move on to the next subject. Subjects covered will involve the fundamentals, basic rules and etiquette of golf. Students in the academy classes will be taught in a 5 to 1 student to teacher ratio. Students will be taught in a fun environment.

The playing aspects of the academy will consist of Operation 36 matches. Operation 36 matches will take place every other week in the Imel Group Academy. There are six divisions of the playing aspect. Each player will start at 25 yds. on the golf course and needs to shoot 36 from this yardage. The significance of 36 is that it is deemed as even par, something that all golfers strive to shoot. Most golfers however struggle to break 50 on the golf course. This can be very discouraging and make golf not fun and time consuming. Operation 36 reverses the process that most people use to try and learn golf, which is start at the tee and move towards the green. Operation 36 starts the player at the green and moves them backwards toward their full tee box. The Operation 36 programming allows the student to experience success much earlier. The student can make birdies and pars much earlier in their golfing experience. This builds confidence and enthusiasm. These are two keys elements for success in any endeavor. The next yardage that a student moves to division 2, 50 yds, needing again to shoot 36 to move to the next division. This process will continue as the student moves to 100yds, 150 yds, 200yds and finally their full tee box based upon age. While the student is moving through the divisions, academy classes will meet weekly to continue learning the fundamentals of the game.

One of the strong points of the academy is that the student will continue to be challenged all through their time in the academy, regardless of their skill level. This is a great way to learn.

I hope you will make the decision to join the academy for you or your child. Golf is a rewarding experience that lasts for a lifetime.


With Regards,


Bruce Imel


For ages 13 and older, including adults, that are wanting to learn the game of golf.  This is a long term program. Students are instructed on the basics golf and have teaching, training and playing as part of the program.  The classes use Operation 36 matches and the mobile app. All students start playing at 25 yards and need to be able to shoot 36 to advance.


For ages 13 and older, including adults, that are wanting to further develop their skills in golf.  This is a long term program. Classes include teaching, training and playing. The classes also use Operation 36 matches and the mobile app.  For a student to be included in this class, the student needs to be able to shoot 36 from 150 yards.


is for 13 and older, including adults, that are wanting to further develop their skills in golf.  This is a long term program. Classes include teaching, training and playing. The classes also use Operation 36 matches and the mobile app.  For a student to be included in this class, the student needs to be able to shoot 36 from 200 yards.





Operation 36

curriculum & technology


AGES 7 - 18


AGES 14 - 18



for adults

To Get Golf Ready means you will learn everything you need to know to play golf in just a few short lessons. You may not be ready for the Tour or even a tee time on Saturday morning, still you will certainly build your comfort and confidence and will be able to go play this great game with family and friends.  Each session will focus on the various golf skills you will use while playing.  In addition to learning the basics, you will be guided into the golf course to put your skills into action in a casual, friendly setting. This is a short term program.

Courses are available for all skill levels!



for ages 6 - 16

Full day camps are for ages 9-16 and half day camps are for ages 6-13.  Camps are one week programs and a short term introduction to golf.


available for all ages

Individual golf lessons in a one on one format. 

Please contact Bruce Imel, PGA for more details. 260-824-4465.

The Coach

Bruce Imel, PGA is a golf pro with 40 years of golf experience that includes playing, teaching and coaching.    Imel is director of golf for Imel Group Golf Academy at Timber Ridge. The academy is dedicated to creating and improving golfers of all abilities.  Imel is also the boys high school golf coach of his alma mater Norwell High School. Imel played collegiately at Huntington University, where he is only one of three golfers inducted into the Hall of Fame.  He holds numerous records including the school scoring record of 64 for 18 holes. Imel is also the owner of Timber Ridge Golf Course.

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