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We are OPEN! -Response to Covid-19

Updated: 6 days ago

UPDATED: March 31, 2020

Good news, golf family, per the office of the Governor of Indiana (read statement here) Golf is currently an approved way to practice safe social distancing.

Timber Ridge will operate, weather permitting, under the following golfing guidelines during the Covid 19 Alert Period

  • All golfers are asked to practice “social distancing”

  • Golfers are asked to make tee times by calling the Proshop 260-824-4465. Pay using Venmo, we will send you the request. Golf Course will not be open unless the temp is 55 or higher.

  • The clubhouse will not be open. Bathrooms will be open. 1 person per bathroom at a time.

  • Golf Payments are to be made via cc or debit card (see above)

  • At this time there will be no F&B. Carryon alcoholic beverages will not be allowed.

  • Tee times will be in 15 minute increments.

  • No tee times before 12am - Best practices dictate that no golfers are to be on the golf course while any workers are on the course

  • There will be no water coolers, trash containers, ball washers, or rakes on the course.

  • The pin will always be left in and the cup will be raised. If the ball hits the raised cup, it is considered holed under the "most likely score" method. Most likely score method is player's judgement. Would the ball have went into the hole and stayed in the hole. 

  • 1 rider per cart

  • Scorecard and pencil will be provided in golf carts as requested. It is suggested that scores be kept on your electronic device.

  • Golf carts are to be returned to designated cart parking area.

  • Customers should dispose of their trash in outside receptacle upon finish

  • Driving range will not be open until further notice.

  • Front Nine only. Back nine will be open once we are able to finish the cart path on #14. The pond was dredged during the winter.

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