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Hello Fellow Golf Enthusiast – A New Beginning

The past two years, it has been difficult to establish a new beginning here at Timber Ridge Golf Course. A more accurate statement would be that for the past 24 years, it has been difficult. 2023 promises to be a good year though. We have established new membership options, with the primary goal of keeping them affordable in today’s economic climate, (see membership options below) and to introduce more people to the new layout. Our goal to grow the game of golf starts here. NEW membership options, such as the Senior Early Bird, and the Foursome package offer broader appeal to more golfers, and more age groups. We hope to expand our outing and tournament offerings, to expand our leagues, and to bring back the Saturday morning game. Dennis Collins has returned as General Manager, and Denise Lenwell as Head Cashier to solidify the Pro Shop rotation.

Housing and development has begun along Fairway Lane with more to come. The Villa Project along 250 should begin in 2023, although progress has been slowed with a delay in the city sewer project on the perimeter of Timber Ridge Golf Course.

All of the envisioned course changes have nearly been completed! We have three practice screens now, the warm-up/practice range, and an additional short game area to offer in 2023. We are working to smooth our cart paths. We have also aerified all of the fairways and green collars. We have been working to plug a few of the existing greens bad spots, notably the old #9 green. The blue tee on hole #1 has been expanded, and a new white tee on #15 (old #3) has been constructed. Drainage on #15 and #16 has been improved with the dredging of the finger of old #3 pond by the new lot owner. 2023 should also allow Timber Ridge Golf Course to keep the big pond filled with water with some of the changes that have been completed. This will dramatically aid the look and appearance of the pond. 2023 should also bring much better greens, with improvements made to the irrigation system. Most of our 2022 issues arose from the extreme dryness.

A special thank you goes out to Doug Dunwiddie for helping to establish electricity at each control box. This should allow us to add automation back to the system. Any watering that happened in the last couple of years has been accomplished by simply driving back and forth to various stations and manually turning them off and on. Typically, this was a daily 4 to 6 hour process, solely dedicated to watering.

We believe these new changes will produce a finer golf experience for every customer, of any age. Come and see what Timber Ridge Golf Course is about! Call our Pro Shop today with any questions, 260-824-2728, or like us on Facebook to get even more course news, deals, and specials!