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Imel Group Golf Academy

Golf is a great game. Golf can take you places that cannot imagine. Golf can be played for a lifetime. Golf is difficult to master, but the learning process can be made easier by understanding the foundations of the golf swing. To become an accomplished golf, there are three parts of the game that need to be understood. Swing skills(technical skills), they are learned through lessons and practice. The next is playing skills. Playing skills are learned through gamification drills and playing rounds of golf. Mental skills are learned by controlling your thoughts and recalling correct feels of your golf swing. Imel Group Golf Academy offer students the opportunity to learn all aspects of the game through the use of technology in our indoor studios and outdoor on the Imel Group Golf Academy practice facilities that include a private hole for learning. Imel Group Golf Academy students are also extended reduced memberships to Timber Ridge’s 18 hole golf course.

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Imel Group Golf Academy Player Development Programs

Operation 36 Junior and Adults

Imel Group Golf Academy operates on Semesters. Currently there are three semesters offered per year.

Spring/Summer: 12 weeks. Starting time is early April
Fall: 10 Weeks. Starting time is mid August
Winter Indoor: 8 weeks. Starting time is early January.

Imel Group Golf Academy utilizes Operation 36/Practice Plus Curriculum for juniors and adults to learn the game. There is no better way to learn the game than Operation 36. Operation 36’s goal is to create 1 million new golfers. Imel Group Golf Academy is pleased please to be part of this mission.

What is Operation 36. Imel Group Golf Academy is only one of a handful of golf courses in Indiana to offer Operation 36. Operation 36 offers group golf training. Ages are from 5 to 12 for Operation 36. After age 12, students move into the Practice Place. Practice Plus still uses the Operation 36 curriculum, but is delivered in a more age appropriate manner. Practice Plus will also use more technology to aid improvement. Operation 36/Practice Plus offer semi-weekly matches during the semester. The main emphasis for Operation 36, 5-12 is to make the child fall in love with golf while learning in a fun environment.

Adults utilize the Practice Plus format for learning the game.

Imel Group Golf Academy is located at Timber Ridge Golf Course in Bluffton. Imel Group Golf Academy is a certified Operation 36 training facility.

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